Wednesday, January 30, 2008


At our 2007 Diocesan Convention, we passed this resolution concerning the "Missouri Civil Rights Initiative."

J-168 Missouri Civil Rights Initiative,
That this 168th Convention of the Diocese of Missouri go on record as standing in opposition to the 'Missouri Civil Rights Initiative (MoCRI),' a proposal for the November 2008 Missouri ballot, attempting to eliminate affirmative action in public education, public employment, and public contracting in Missouri;

that this Convention commends Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and Attorney General Jay Nixon for changing the deceptive ballot title submitted by the Misssoui Civil Rights Initiative to reflect the actual purpose of eliminating affirmative action;

that this Convention calls on all members of the Diocese to become informed about the effects of such a proposal and to cast their ballots in conformity with the Baptismal Covenant, the tenets of our Democratic Republic and their consciences;

and that the Secretary of this Convention immediately send copies of this resolution to the Governor of Missouri, Secretary of the State, Attorney General and both presidents of the General Assembly of the State of Missouri.

If you would like to help work to keep this Initiative off the November ballot, please visit There is some concern that people seeking to get signature to put MOCRI on the November ballot will be canvassing for signatures at polling places on February 5. Don't be fooled!